Arrow visit preparation in London, UK

Belinos Consulting undertakes arrow visit preparation for clients across the UK. Get in touch with us with your queries.

Support during FSA Arrow visits in London

Belinos provides a comprehensive service to support its clients through an FSA Arrow visit. Preparation for an FSA Arrow visit should be an ongoing embedded process in the management of any company that is either regulated directly, a parent or a controller of companies that are regulated.

A new look for Belinos Consulting

Belinos Consulting is delighted to welcome its clients to our new website. For the first time we have been able to showcase our range of services and partners in one place. Clients can now also access partner links and be able to easily locate information, case studies, data sheets, and, in the future, training and reference materials. Keep an eye out for new developments and features as we bring them to you, our valued clients and partners.

Belinos Consulting will take you through a process to:

  • Prepare you and your staff for the visit
  • Help you prepare the right information for the FSA inspector
  • Prepare the board and senior management
  • Ensure you know your paperwork
  • Assist you to formulate your own risk analysis of the visit
  • Provide practical practice and preparation for the interviews
  • Assist you to get your office in order for the visit
  • Understand the findings of the visit and the report produced by the FSA
  • Assist you to comply with the requirements resulting from the visits
  • Help you to make the ongoing changes which will need to be embedded into your future management, governance and culture
  • New services to make Arrow visits less daunting

    Belinos is pleased to announce a comprehensive service to support its clients through FSA Arrow visits. Don’t lose sleep in anticipation of an FSA inquisition. Contact us for more information.

    For Arrow visit preparations, call Belinos Consulting on
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