Compliance management services in London, UK

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Roles of a compliance manager

The FSA places a high degree of reliance on senior management responsibility, so expects the management to take on board and address the issues the compliance manager identifies in his reports. The compliance manager will be responsible for ensuring that the company and its personnel comply with all relevant rules, regulations and codes of practice laid down by the FSA and other regulatory authorities.

At Belinos Consulting we specialise in assisting and managing the oversight of the overall system of internal controls. This can cover all areas of business operations. However, it fundamentally includes:

  • Compliance and regulatory matters
  • Staff
  • Treating customers fairly
  • Board reporting
  • Compliance and regulatory matters

    Belinos Consulting maintain a comprehensive knowledge of FSA requirements and quality corporate governance, applying this expertise in:

  • The monitoring of compliance with FSA and other applicable external requirements
  • Understanding any weaknesses in broker’s compliance structures and to make changes, where appropriate to procedures and internal control structures
  • Ensuring that procedures are recorded in the procedures manual and communicated to all employees
  • Updating the procedures manual to incorporate any new or amended regulatory requirements and any changes recommended by the board or any appropriate sub-committee
  • Ensuring that recommended actions and controls are implemented

    Treating staff fairly

  • To act as a central point for all compliance queries from employees and to liaise with regulatory bodies on particular issues
  • To ensure that all employees are aware and comply with relevant rules, regulations and codes of practice as laid down by the FSA and other regulatory bodies
  • To ensure that all members of staff are aware of the procedures for reporting breaches of FSA rules
  • To make all staff aware of possible compliance breaches which may give rise to an E&O claim
  • To record and monitor all such breaches
    Treating Customers Fairly

  • Belinos Consulting will review and maintain compliance with treating customers fairly and contract certainty requirements
  • To ensure all complaints are investigated promptly and recorded according to broker’s complaints manual
  • To coordinate the response to complaints
  • To ensure the timely and accurate completion of returns and other documents that are required under the rules and regulations laid down by the FSA and other regulatory bodies
  • To approve and sign all terms of business agreements and similar contractual documents
  • To receive and review reports concerning legal and regulatory matters including the company’s communication with the FSA
  • To review the Training and competence policy, including job descriptions and in house training requirements
  • To approve prospective new brokers and insurers
  • To review the business recovery plan
  • To submit formal written reports to the board including the minutes of committee meetings and any material attachments or reports
  • Board Reporting

    To prepare a monthly report for the board of directors to include:

  • Monthly compliance activity
  • Details of any compliance breaches during the period
  • Any procedural problems that have arisen
  • A proposed course of action in each case
  • Any important regulatory matters
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