Thorough coverholder audits in London

Belinos Consulting conducts coverholder audits for businesses across the UK. Get in touch with our financial experts today for information.

Procedures for insurers and coverholders in the UK

Belinos Consulting can act in a variety of ways in providing our coverholder audit services. Our service applies to existing and prospective coverholders and we design procedures for insurers and the coverholders, ensuring all are aware how the processes will work. Contact us with your queries.

On behalf of the insurer:

By conducting coverholder audits with detailed compliance reviews of terms, controls and more.

  • Conducting coverholder audits with detailed compliance reviews of terms and controls
  • Managing and running the complete process
  • Discussion with underwriters and compliances as to aims and objectives of audit, either detailed review – compliance with terms and controls or with Lloyd’s delegated underwriting rules or more generic overview of binder operation
  • Review of prior audits, present documentation and bordereaux
  • Pre-audit shopping list and review thereof
  • Carry out audits
  • Detailed written reports to insurer
  • Coordinate coverholders response and agree recommendation implementation timetable
  • Follow up visits to ensure recommendations are taken up
  • Complete review of procedures relating to the financial crime umbrella:

  • Money laundering
  • Internal fraud (systems and controls)
  • External fraud
  • Data security (physical and IT)
  • Bribery and corruption (third party payments)
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