Efficient administration services in London, Uk

Do you require administration services for your business in the UK? Get in touch with the experts at Belinos Consulting today.

Our range of services includes:

1. Preparing monthly reports for the board of directors to include any changes to the Companies Act or to the responsibilities imposed on directors
2. Acting as a central point for all company secretarial matters as they relate to the company and to liaise with relevant bodies on particular issues
3. Ensuring the timely and accurate completion of annual returns and other documents that are required under the rules and regulations laid down in the Companies Act
4. Reviewing all contractual documents and to seek legal advice on them where appropriate
5. Setting up and maintaining accurate files and records to include minutes, resolutions, returns and other relevant documentation

Benefits of choosing Belinos Consulting

You don’t have to worry about maintaining the substantial knowledge sets required to meet your corporate responsibilities. You can have as much or as little as you wish of our time and expertise – it can be regularised, ad-hoc, emergency cover or permanent part time. We can provide a whole range of skills in one professional relationship. Because we are focussed, we lack the substantial overhead and onerous fee structures. We are flexible in how and where we work.

Should you need other highly specialised and specific industry knowledge we have partners covering a range of related areas including:

  • Back office support
  • Risk management consulting
  • Infrastructure and technical services
  • Marketing, web and brand consulting
  • How we do it?

    The Belinos Consulting approach is comprehensive and thorough and because we are also experts in the areas of fraud management, audit process, accounting, compliance and regulatory, we can coordinate our services across the whole corporate governance requirement.

    And we can apply these skills on a temporary, infill, permanent or part time basis. Our records and standards meet all the regulatory requirements, so your business can be assured of detailed, professional and personal services, even if we are only on site for a small period of time – monthly, quarterly or annually.

    For administration services in London, call Belinos Consulting on
    07879 475 983